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UN Country to introduce sole currency as a crypto currency

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This is nuts bro. 

Naw it'll be decentralized in that the servers will exist all over the country but it'll just be a digital version of fiat. 

My first thought also.

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38 minutes ago, rainbowhunter said:

Dont know if it is this, the article is from January,


That might  be it, but that seems to talk about a VIRTUAL currency and lesser a CRYPTO currency. In essence most currencies tend to be virtual already  (bank account, payments, etc.). But that will get lost in the buzz  I think ;).

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Wasn't it neu-ner who stated he  would throw xrp in the garbage during his recent stint on cnbc? I think it was... seemed more than biased to me.. was gross actually.. I believe he stated that he researched xrp, but couldn't find out what it was for... but out of the two options given to him (hodl or fodl) he went out of his way to say he would throw it in the garbage... STRANGE!!!.... that wasn't an option and all other coins were given the respect of said options....I am not on the news but I am pretty sure that a neu-ner is when your girl stops by around lunchtime for some of the good stuff..... so there's that.

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1 hour ago, thetamind said:

I think its a matter of time before someone actually tries to create their own country powered by crypto.  That's what crypto enables.  People could technically create their own communities that use their own currency, out of view of their goverment... it's gonna be real interesting to see what happens with that going forward.

Virtual City States!!!!


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2 hours ago, thetamind said:

nope, don't believe it. Gotta see it to believe this one. What country besides north korea would want to do this? More importantly, what government is willing to give up control of their financial system, because that's what they'll be doing. I don't see it happening. Unless its some sort of centralized controllable coin that they simply made digital, then possibly.  But if they're going with decentralized crypto...I'm calling bs.

Almost certainly not decentralized. Could see a place like Vanuatu, Palau, etc doing this.

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