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Apple’s partnership with Ripple could send it through the roof


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It's not XRP but according to this article this is the first time that I saw an Apple partnership confirmation for Ripple...??

"While Apple is adopting Ripple’s technology and not Ripple’s XRP coin (those two things remain different entities that should not be confused), it turns the coin’s adoption into an actual possibility for the future. The sheer amount of clients Apple has all over the world means that adopting the XRP tokenwould dramatically change the way the company manages cash, and it would increase Ripple’s credibility.

This is a great development for Ripple, especially now that Stellar threatens to become serious competition soon."


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7 hours ago, Dario_o said:

Looks like an article I would send to the trash if it was on paper

In the future Apple Pay may well add XRP to it's already ever expanding currency and da support.

Apple Pay has the most extreme prominent ad on my banks landing page, half the page! Not a peep from the NPP at my bank. 

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