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How Bitfinex’s Tax Requirement May Have Contributed to the Bitcoin Price Correction


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I hadn't heard about this... could have contributed to the overall crypto market slump.

Bitcoin Price Falls


"On May 17, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange Bitfinex officially asked its users to submit tax IDs and social security numbers that could be utilized by government agencies in the countries its users are based into tax gains recorded in the cryptocurrency market."

“We request that you complete the appropriate self-certification form and upload it to your Bitfinex account by May 24, 2018, at the latest. If you are a US person or an entity with at least one 25 percent owner who is a US person, please complete the appropriate FATCA form. You are required to provide us with such information,” said Bitfinex."

"The period in which Bitfinex sent out its official statement to its clients coincided with the fall in the price of bitcoin on May 17, when the bitcoin price reached a two-month low at $7,925. It is highly likely that the price drop of bitcoin was largely caused by Bitfinex and the sell-off of investors on the platform trading the bitcoin-to-USD pair."

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