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FUD has started building again


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Many people in the cryptocurrency community are extremely anti-establishment, and believe that many cryptocurrencies such as the privacy-focused ZCash (ZEC-USD), the contract-focused Ethereum (ETH-USD), and the "daddy of them all" Bitcoin (BTC-USD) will eventually make fiat currencies obsolete.

lol, morons

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8 minutes ago, Loki said:

He wrote that article before all of yesterday's news. Wonder how he feels now?

Just the same.  Facts don't get in the way of belief.  He is convinced XRP is bad and nothing will change that opinion.

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27 minutes ago, bayarea510 said:

Latest FUD I read on twitter said ripple is having trouble selling xrp since there's so much of it so the new plan is to sell it to random little start-ups and people via xpring

Ripple is investing on starts-up are like Boomerang and its going to come back to Ripple in much stronger magnitude.. 100 Billion XRP is going to be very scare in future with so many utilities that XRP is going to have..

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