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Ripple paying tax ? How mach ?


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Most likely have to pay gift tax or something along that line - we're all waiting for clear regulation in all areas of question.

That being said, one would think that the U.S. wouldn't want all the crypto business to up and move to Malta or another venue that has clarified all pertinent aspects.

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2 hours ago, joy said:

Ripple was gifted  xrp  

Now if ripple sell xrp  they  need to pay gain tax ? 

If you gift someone token do you need to pay  tax ? 


Excellent question. There is a gift tax above a certain number, to be sure. Very interested to see how this deal was structured.

Generally you'd have to establish a market rate on the day of the gift for assets such as these, but it's possible that there wasn't much of a market for it whenever they actually became custodians, and therefore there wouldn't be much of or any tax. 


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