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Which XRP community members you like best?


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For me:

1. Alex Cobb @AlexCobb; talented young man, love his enthousiasm, we’ll See him in 5 years at big talkshows

2. Modern investor

3. Tony, thinking crypto @ThinkingCrypto 

4. Hodor @Hodor


1,2,3,4are at random. I like them all equally. 

@ThinkingCrypto & @AlexCobb & @Hodorspecial thanks for all the insights and positive energy! Really love it! 

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Modern Investor - YouTube

@JCCollins (read his blogs - amazing)

@KingsAndQueens (who was also here under another name and @Member400. They have a great way of putting information together. 

Jungle Inc. - Youtube

@RegalChicken keeps me motivated and sane. 

@Tehol_Beddict does great research. 

There are a few on Twitter, but I'm not on there as much, so I forget their handles. 

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LOVE the --- xrp-community --- because old strong since years and coding own projects instead looking for Lambos .... 

a Lambo is like SWIFT  NOOO FUTURE .... OR FUTURE when connect dots 

Lambo Tesla Uber 



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50 minutes ago, Ripplista79 said:

This must be sarcasm, but hey;




To answer the OP:

difficult to say which member I like best ( as to : appreciate the most for content or humor or most interesting fud etc) . To really like , in my opinion, that means I have to know someone a little better as a person.  As a person I like @zenkert, although his posts are worthless ( hope he appreciates my twisted humor...). :P

Edit: to add @RegalChicken and @Chewiecoin for always being positive and @Tinyaccount and @Snoopy for being very kind as a person. And many many others, can’t name the whole forum here sadly.

Edit 2: and for making me laugh @RubMyRipples @EcneitapLatnem

Edit 3 : o yeah and @cuber and @Zerp_Legend

And......and......... yes, love you all!

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