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Views on the current rise in EOS prices


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Since March 19, 2018, the price of eos has continued to rise. According to EOS price data, the EOS rose 2.6%, and the current price has exceeded $18.1, and the 24-hour trading volume has reached $103,1240000 US dollars (data source: citicoins.com/eos), according to the current situation, this is far from reaching the maximum increase. And I'm afraid these days  that isn't any comparison with the heat of discussion on the EOS coin. The rising value of EOS in people’s cognitive concepts has also gradually affected the price fluctuations of some other currencies. For example, today,s dash coin price also showed an upward trend. Dash price rose by 6.67% compared to the previous period. .


There are two reasons for this situation:

1. It is its own advantages:

EOS can solve the problems of Bitcoin or Ethereum inefficiencies and network congestion. Of course, this topic has been discussed for a long time;

The second is the celebrity effect, which is highly favored by celebrities in the blockchain industry at home and abroad. For example, the founder of EOS, BM ByteMaster, whose real name is Dan Larimer, is an industry-recognized technology technologist. He has been the founder of blockchain projects such as BitShares and Steem. His industry status is enough to compete with Etherite founder Vitalik Buterin. There is also Li Xiaolai, an EOS investor in the Chinese currency circle. He is both an EOS investor and an EOS propagandist.

2. One of the more important reasons is that EOS announced the dropping of tokens before the EOS main online line on June 1. A few days ago, EOS announced that in order to promote community development and user participation earlier, in particular, Everipedia’s holders want to participate in the establishment  the basic rules of the Everipedia network by voting, which will be in June. On the 1st of the EOS main Internet line, air drops tokens and will release more airdrop details in recent weeks. The airdrop tokens will be ERC20 tokens, which require the holder to refer the tokens to the personal purse from the exchange before the ETH network snapshot (the specific date will be announced later). The holders of the EOS crowdfunding will also need to extract all EOS tokens into your own personal wallet.

This news is a good thing for EOS holders. The currency friends will surely keep EOS in their hands and wait for the rise on June 1. In addition, there has always been a saying that EOS will transcend ETH, and using ETH to drive EOS in the currency circle may also be a reason.

Of course, the risk of investment in cryptocurrency has always been, and will not disappear, and the related issues of decentralization of EOS itself have not been completely resolved. Therefore, invest EOS should be  cautiously.

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