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How long before Coinbase adds ripple?

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Coinbase fees are highway robbery these days. I know about and used GDAX in the past, and it was definitely a more affordable side of CB, but... they also sit on bank transfers for at least 4-5 days after the transaction has fully cleared. To me, it was the final straw, and it happened multiple times. For every fiat deposit, they have a multi-day cash float... total ********. I will never say never, but it's highly unlikely I will ever give them my business again.... even if they do add XRP.  

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1 hour ago, PG1 said:

Let's hope XRP demand is more than a handful of peeps. We're also taking about new market entrants looking to invest in the best performing coins.

I think adding ERC20 coins is a given and I would agree that getting added to Coinbase becomes a little less relevant every day.  I just don't want to believe they would add a bunch of coins and leave out the #3 market cap coin solely based on some stubborn bias.  However, they are in the money transfer business & trying to be the 'Google' of crypto via acquisitions. So it may be that they view Ripple as a competitor. 

I do feel a little dirty every time I discuss CB.

Didn't mean to say XRP demand is small by any means. Just that many XRP holders in the USA could still use Coinbase like myself to interface with legacy banking systems, and go BTC/ETH -> XRP on Binance or another exchange. So Coinbsae still gets $$$ off that.

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Who gives a flying fxck about Coinbase.

You re all whimpering because Timmy wont lend you his thimble to carry some water from the well, when the visionaries are busy building boats to sail on the gigantic lake they ve discovered just over the hill.


Yes in a speculattory ecosystem like cryptospace, exchanges matter , but long term, real world use case is all that matters.

Plus in 1-2 years DEXs will render most traditional exchanges obsolete. 

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