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(Hype but there is a pattern) Why bitcoin could rally more than 70% in the coming week, Fundstrat's Lee says

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Hype, but there does seem to be a pattern.


According to Lee, the prior Consensus rallies have yielded gains between 10% and 70%, meaning if this year does outdo the previous, bitcoin could surge back above $15,000. 



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44 minutes ago, Qasim_786 said:

Will this occur after or before the CNY pattern?

We'll just have to wait and see. I like the odds based upon the past three years, and I like the way the XRP chart is looking. Ripple seems to be preparing for something next week; things seem to be aligning. Coincidence? Perhaps. I'm a holder, so no worries either way.

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28 minutes ago, VanGogh said:

XRP being an alt coin and still being attached to BTC. 

I was joking. The article clearly has nothing to do with xrp. Maybe should have been posted in Alt or Speculation. 

Good read though. 

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