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Just a thank you and my appreciation.

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Welcome to the forum @B088IN I won't be taking any credit for informative posts, but yes, there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom here, please check out the links for the good stuff :D



...and be sure to read Hodor's blog beginning to end ;) https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/

and the Ripple page https://ripple.com/insights/

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Joined Feb 1? What took you so long to introduce yourself?

You've joined a great community, with many resources available for learning and evaluating the evolution of XRP. Use it wisely, regard us with respect and skepticism and most of all be yourself. Do that and you'll be fine.



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Yes XRPchat is nice that there is a lot of debate and a lot of very knowledgeable old-timers who sprinkle technical facts across many discussions.  It's not always rosey around here, but definitely you won't find censorship or complete disregard for concerning news in this crowd.

Also, if you are newer to XRP go wander over to xrpinformation.com and check out the resources tab for tons of really awesome links to some of the best resources for partnership and general info.

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7 hours ago, bx549 said:

There is a lot of factual information, but kool-aid is also being handed out. Use your own judgment.

Roger that one - there is an established orthodoxy here. An army of Wrongspeak police waits for any transgression.

However, unlike the general cesspool of the internet, there is a good deal of great information here.  Start with Hodor's blogs.

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