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Ripple XRP price picks up pace as demand for xVia API increases


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Although the price of Ripple’s XRP faced a shaky start at the beginning of 2018(as was the case with other cryptocurrencies), there seems to be growing interest for the coin in the second quarter of the year as Ripple announces more partnerships with fintech companies not to mention an upcoming Ripple (XRP) Blockchain week where Snoop Dogg is set to perform.


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2 hours ago, Tripple said:

You're just pumping out trash content and using this forum to drive traffic to that website.

@Superman is an SEO shill. 


I was waiting to see how long until someone called him out for his spamming. I don’t post here but still find this annoying. 

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This guy has no filter. How do you block somebody on this thing? Can you? Ah ... found it.

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What is this? 

A bunch of people don't like what IV posted about ripple.

An SEO shill, LOL are you retarded?

Your all blocked.


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