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Expect Ripple (XRP)-Amazon (AMZN) Partnership Speculation To Rise Again


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Some things can’t just go away, however much we may want them to. Such is the situation when you try to understand the constant speculation about a partnership between Ripple (XRP) and Amazon.com (AMZN). The rumor that first began the speculation frenzy appeared early December 2017. Since then, the word on the street in 2018 is that this is a deal all but waiting to be sealed.


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7 minutes ago, DQA said:

No offense, but why would you post such click bait. Nothing to see here, just rinse and repeat content.

You have read about xVia for Amazon Pay?

Which other website was this?

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1 minute ago, Gepster said:

Stop it with the clickbait already. You aint getting our likes.

Likes LOL. Here you can have the likes.

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10 minutes ago, DQA said:

"Ripple’s xVia could be a solution the e-commerce giant may consider"

What's noteworthy about 'could' and 'may'?

The fact that they COULD. 

It's Press. Not Ripple Announcements. 

Given the fact Ripple are so far ahead and Amazon have the trouble of writing 100s of APIs, when with xVia it can be done so easy.

Who do you think they will go with?

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