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SPENDACOIN Website Successfully Updated!


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After joining the community about a month to get some advice about XRP so that our team could finish updating the website we created, (and getting some very helpful constructive criticism that I personally didn't expect but am very thankful for) I'm happy to say that we have completed enough of the updates to relaunch the site.

More updates will be added soon but there is enough in place now to get things rolling.

We were able to put together a nice rewards program where you can earn point for both Buying & Selling Just About Anything and you can transact in USD, XRP, BTC and LTC.

Points are redeemable toward purchases on the site including the purchase of Cryptocurrencies.

As a token of our appreciation to the XRP CHAT Community we are giving you two coupons to use on the site toward purchases. 



Coupons Expire June 30, 2018 1 Coupon each per Sign Up & you'll automatically get 100 Reward Points when signing up.(min $100 purchase) Sign up is Free & Listings are Free as well

Feel free to give these Coupon Codes out to your family & friends too.

Note: We chose XRP as one of the Cryptocurrecies to use because we believe that it has the best rate of success above all of the rest. We added Bitcoin & Llitecoin mostly for their popularity but plan to push XRP as the featured Cryptocurrency to use moving forward. If you have any ideas on how we should and could do this please let us know. 

As we add more features I will be back with other incentives and goodies

The website is https://spendacoin.com

Thanks Again for helping us along!


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