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Chain Powered by Interledger

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9. Interoperability

The Chain Protocol can power multiple blockchain networks simultaneously. While these networks use the same protocol, their asset IDs are anchored to the initial blocks of these networks, making them globally unique.

Cross-ledger interaction is possible using cross-chain swap protocols, such as Interledger. For example, the CVM is capable of supporting the SHA-256, PREIMAGE, PREFIX, THRESHOLD, and ED25519 feature suites of Crypto-Conditions. These protocols allow participants on different Chain blockchains to interact with each other, as well as with participants on different types of blockchains and ledgers.

The Chain Protocol uses standard cryptographic tools such as SHA-2 and SHA-3 hash functions and the secure signature algorithm Ed25519.

from https://chain.com/docs/protocol/papers/whitepaper#9-interoperability


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4 hours ago, tulo said:


It's ironic how Ripple (where interledger started) has not made RCL ILP-enabled, but there are already 2 (maybe more) ledgers connected.


I'm guessing that's because they are focusing on making their ILP integration XRP friendly, and obviously make it the best path for connectors

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