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Do I have to update firmware on Ledger Nano?

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Do I have to update the firmware on the Ledger Nano S device itself? I bought mine directly from the manufacturer back in November. For some reason I have an irrational paranoia that something is going to screw up and I’ll lose my sizable stack. 


I dropped my zerps on it, put it back in its box, and haven’t touched it except one time at the end of March just to double check everything is still there. Everything is still there.


Sigh...I know I’m being unreasonable/irrational right?



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I have been there. I also have not updated my Nano yet. Also I do not plan to because I know mine works “fully.” I hope you are sitting down but I have some additional info you should review, however it is not about the firmware update.

start with the good news:

1) You do not need to use the Nano to check your wallet balance. Your balance is on the ledger. All you need is your public key (starts with the letter ‘r’ and go to the ripple charts site or Bithomp.com and you can check your balance from any computer/internet device. (Public key is safe to type into a browser)


2) Technically you are not without worry, until you have successfully sent money ‘out’ of your wallet.

This requires the Nano and your pin. It is the only way to prove that your public key is indeed tied to your private account on the Nano. 

If you have not already tested withdrawal, then send a small amount of xrp back to the exchange to prove you have full control of the funds. I have said b4 “Depositing XRP into your wallet is valuable, but being able to withdrawal it, is priceless”

Finally, (take a deep breath) you should crash your nano. Proving your ‘seed’ works, is where peace of mind comes from. 

Best to remove all your xrp from Nano. (of course 20xrp is Locked)

After your wallet is near empty, you can wipe out your Nano by entering an incorrect pin until the Nano resets itself. 

Then you can do a restore, and prove your word seed works. 

If your seed works then no matter what happens to your Nano, at least you  know you can get another and restore your access to your $. (There could be another sentence here but it would not help ease your worries)

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I have not upgraded mine and don't plan to anytime soon. I also have a cryptosteel backup for my 24 word recovery seed, which gives me peace of mind.

Edit: Also what @Valhalla_Guy suggested is great to do, but if you are too paranoid to move your XRP off the nano to test recovery you can just buy a second nano and recover that one with your seed giving you two nano copies. Excellent for the irrationally paranoid people.

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