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Teeka Tiwari's advice on crypto to invest in

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Hi guys,

been watching Teeka's interview the other day and he was talking about his pick for where to invest next. 

Can you help me with the clues or does anyone have his report where that coin was named.

the clues from the interview are:

market cap under 100 mil
best potential usage roadmap
launched by internet company with 100 mil users
by the end of march it will have 5 mil users
by the end of 2018 they expect 100 million users
one of the guys helping launch this crypto is one of the biggest names in crypto and he just became multi billionaire. He has become one of the faces of crypto currencies.
he has launched another crypto last year that was up 8866% in 8 months (golem?)
the other guy whos is helping this crypto is a silicon valley power player
this crypto is undervalued, by the end of the year it could go up to 4$ right now its value is well under 0,50$ (from the speech presume 0,34$)
over the next few years the coin will go over 10$



You can find the interview here. He talks about that coin at 1:12:30


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