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How will I be rewarded for investing into Ripple?

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Dear XRPChat-Members, tbh, I think that your reactions to this new member and his fears are not XRPChat-Style. Nobody really tried to explain why he is wrong and why he should hodl-on. I think th

The whales buy ripple directly and therefore don’t affect the public pricing or benefit me in any way but affect me when they sell. I will never get any dividend and the price will weakened when

Ive lost 2 mins of my life....

11 hours ago, RedRocket said:


I hope this doesn't happen to me.  I might cash out before I'm a billionaire!

So sad... please ya'll steer clear of the drugs... they're only fun for a short while, then they take over your life, eating your brain, your personality, and your money... I've lost friends, good people, to this. It's the most tragic thing that can happen IMO... stay healthy - there's plenty of good fun out there to be had...

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