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deVere Group: Ripple, not Bitcoin, will convert crypto cynics

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True, true, and true!

"He commented: “After the cryptocurrency market somewhat overheated at the end of 2017 – thanks largely to investors piling in, pushing Bitcoin to an all-time high of more than $19,000 – there was a major, natural price correction in the first quarter of this year of most of the major cryptocurrencies."

But the cryptocurrency market is, once again, now looking already significantly more bullish than it did in quarter 1.”

"He added: “This latest upward crypto market trajectory can be attributed to the fact that institutional and retail investors are increasingly appreciating the fundamentals, such as the need and demand for digital currencies in a digitalised, tech-driven age."

“Also there is now huge awareness that blockchain, the technology that underpins the likes of Bitcoin and Ripple, is likely to be the world’s next major disruptive technology.”

"In Green’s view cryptocurrencies are now “really coming into the mainstream”.

"And while he acknowledged there are still some critics of the crypto revolution, he believes Ripple (XRP) can be expected to convert the remaining crypto cynics."

“This is primarily due to Ripple’s apparent emphasis on integrating with banks and other financial institutions,” said Green.

(emphasis is mine)

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