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The Power of Conditional Payments: The simple primitive that could unite the world’s payments systems

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It’s impossible to predict the power of a simple idea. In its simplicity, such an idea belies its usefulness and therefor the huge number of use cases and solutions it might unlock. This is certainly the case for one of the simplest and most powerful ideas of our time, the Internet, or more specifically the Internet Protocol.


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Remember that little box that you connected to your phone line that went “beep bop boop” and allowed you to join the Internet without the underlying infrastructure support and without permission from the telephone company? We do, and we’ve got a few ideas about how “dial-up” Interledger access could work too. More on that soon…

Adrian Hope-Bailie... who is this guy?  He writes like the Mark Twain of Cryptocurrency, and he works for.... Ripple?  :)

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9 hours ago, Duke67 said:

I think he is based in London and somehow he's in charge of ILP community. And it's great that Ripple is such a multi talented team!

He's in South Africa, actually! (I don't remember which city.) And yes, Adrian is a brilliant writer with a knack for making ILP stuff simple. He also cares a lot about open standards and has done some great work interfacing between Ripple and the W3C.

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