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I played around with Gekko (https://gekko.wizb.it).  Really nice and free.  You do need to install it, but it is real easy. 

  If you have programming knowledge (Java) that's an advantage. Default strategies are mostly meh, but on github some really smart people posted some advanced  strategies that did seem to work (in backtesting though). Some guys also posted their entire testlog of strategies/coins/exchanges, this was really useful :).

I am planning last trials next week and then I want to set up the bot with 100 XRP playmoney. for a couple of weeks.



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forget the bot idea. it will only work temporally. after the exchange figures out you are bleeding the system dry they will change the parameters on you.

i had 100 good trades go thru only to watch large fees tacked on and then the bot started buying and selling at 1 cent lower. i reconfigured the bot 4 times

only to have it degraded again. they also changed the charts if you haven't noticed . a 3 inch green bar used to represent a $300 move, now its  a $150 move. 

just to make you think the price action is more dramatic than it is.

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