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Ripple and XRP are two different animals’ – Says Cory Johnson


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8 hours ago, mrhat75 said:

Not worried. Technically accurate. Misrepresented. XRP is core to the strategy.

That's exactly the case! XRP token is the core of the strategy! The xRapid and XRP token controversy has been much discussed in the past, with only a few Ripple partners using the product xRapid and thus the XRP token. However, critics forget an important argument. As Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple recently stated at the Yahoo Finance Summit, xRapid and XRP token transactions are 25 percent cheaper and faster than the other Ripple products. Garlinghouse sees the current phase as one of transition. Once skepticism has given way to the XRP, banks and payment service providers will, in his opinion, change from the other products to xRapid due to its many advantages.Ripple (XRP) is like a puzzle to me. Every day good news. And a puzzle piece will be added. Finally, when all parts are put together. Does it make a very good product. That's why Ripple is also investing $ 25 million in Blockchain funds. This is also a part.


That's why I'm not worried about ripple (XRP). The courses we have seen in the last few weeks will soon be a thing of the past.
Excuse my English!

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I love reading all the post, twisting and rationalizing what Mr. Johnson said. My take on this (which I have repeatedly stated when other Ripple team members speak publicly) is that Ripple needs to get it's arms around the messaging and reign in all of the untrained messengers.

In this interview, I see a starry eyed NEW executive, with no vetting or versing of the message. Does every employee have to give interviews to keep their job at Ripple?

Mr Johnson, definitely missed the mark, when handed a softball question about XRP. This was probably a result, from lack of knowledge, of Ripple's products, OR (i doubt) a change in direction for Ripple, away from XRP.

In the recent past, Mr Schwartz, has made bigger public blunders, following trolls down rabbit holes, on Twitter, yet Ripple still seems to have no communication dept capable of controlling the messengers.

If you choose to be a  pessimist you can easily take away from this interview, that Ripple is looking towards other companies to bring value to XRP.  After all, that was Mr Johnson's words, not mine. All he could manage was "We have 60Billion reasons we want XRP to be valuable" Yet he never said "Ripple has the software and the plan to make XRP valuable"

He mentions xRapid, in passing, about 3/4 of the way through the interview, and NEVER connects XRapid to XRP. This is very poor.

Mr Johnson should know Ripple's strategy better than anyone else, because it is in his job title.  Perhaps more strategizing, and less fraternizing?

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