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Discuss about apply ripple as exchange gateway

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5 hours ago, thanhpt said:



I am doing a project. In my project, we need to create a  exchange gateway to exchange from USD to a new token via smarth contract. Could ripple do it? 

Thank you.



Well, on XRPL you can issue the token, you can issue USD (or use USD of a known gateway) and you can place offers in the orderbook to trade USD for the token. If you need a more smart contract than a simple offer in the orderbook you can do some other minor stuff with the actual protocol but not implement a custom smart contract.

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I have some questions:
1. Could you pls tell me how to exchange between currency and digital asset? (example USD - bitcoin, bitcoin - XRP, USD - EUR).
2. I researched and I realized that Ripple is permission blockchain. And I am having a project regarding use blockchain to build system for buy, sell and exchange item in games. So can I use ripple to build it? And If yes, do I discuss with ripple to apply it to my system? 

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