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Verge (XVG) Who is the mysterious Partner...

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April 17th Verge are to announce a partnership set to shake up the Crypto World.

"a global organisation that controls a vast network of super high-traffic sites” and could bring in “hundreds of millions of consumers daily”.

So who are everyones picks?

I'm going with the German connection, TokenPay donated loads plus with the release of TokenPay and Verge Debit Cards by a German Bank I can only see the Otto Group as the partner.


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On 12/04/2018 at 5:27 AM, LongRun said:

Tweet like this are so aweful: 

Feeding the rumors by giving out potential names. Terrible. Really feels like they are using every bit of traction they can find to get the price as high as possible before the anouncement.

well tokenpay donated 65 million of the 75 million verge coin. They are certainly part of it :)

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Well now we know!

Not sure what to make of it though.

A lot of people were jokingly suggesting Pornhub, and now it transpires it is. I thought TokenPay

After the pump upto >$0.10, the price then immediately fell back to $0.07 on the announcement, but is now rebounding as people realise quite how big the **** Industry is. Apparently $100bn. 

So maybe a peculiar way Verge has done a really good deal!

Good job Mary Whitehouse is dead and not invested in XVG!

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