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Fun exercise: If Ripple were to get acquired by a tech giant, who would you want it to be and why?

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2 hours ago, Cryptsycrackers said:

Not Apple, I hate Apple products.

I think it is too divergent from Apple’s core business. Apple Pay isn’t a real system, it’s just piggy backed off existing financial services firms and phone apps - basically a way for Apple to intercept purchase data.

Microsoft definitely is a candidate as they need the next big thing constantly, but equally I am not sure they’d add much to Ripple.

Amazon?  Possible, they have more fingers in more pies.

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On 11-4-2018 at 5:07 AM, Trader-to-the-Crown said:

I think many of you of course would hate for Ripple to be acquired, because they are doing so much right and there is a large risk of messing things up... If it aint broke, dont fix it, right?

But let's just play around with this for a minute...

As far as branding is concerned, I feel they align well with Apple, but otherwise I think they have completely different outlooks on open systems. I'm not a big Apple fan.

Google is a neat thought and there is a lot of innovative projects being funded, personally for me this would be my choice.

I was leaning towards Microsoft, but they don't seem to be as successful as Google in their long term success of their acquisitions. At the same time, I believe Microsoft probably has many more relationshsips in place with large financial institutions than Google or Apple. Microsofts enterprise software has taken that industry by storm over the decades.

And then there is Intel...

Anyway, if that were to happen, I would want whoever is in charge to be heavily invested in XRP so mine and their goals would be the same.

I am pretty certain if Ripple were acquired that it would be smart to not mess with the current management structure. Keep Garlinghouse and Larsen etc doing what they do best.

Like when Disney bought Marvel.

edit: bonus points for picking the most unexpected / unlikely choice, but it is just crazy enough it just might work.

In that case I would pick... Nintendo?

Doubt this will happen. Unless they need the help of a strong partner to get in real business. But as far as I can judge, they're pretty well making their way without to much partner needs. And on the financial side, they've that 60B XRP. Wonder who's going to pay for this in a merger? 

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