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LendIt Fintech: A Conversation with Chris Larsen of Ripple on Building the Internet of Value

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9 minutes ago, lucky said:

"the majority will be machine to machine payments".

I agree there. The biggest usecase of digital assets is to facilitate value transfer in a new economy that does not even exist yet. An economy which will be much bigger than our current one.

how does ripple fit into this when iota's use case is focused on m2m?

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IOTA has to proof that their tangle works. Up to now it works like a blockchain with centralized validators. 

it is not proven that the tangle can infinitely scale, as they claim. For this, a huge amount of transactions would have to be handled via the network. This is not the case right now. Also the encryption algorithm is in criticism and a lot of bugs have already been found. And David Sonbesto should take a communication course.

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I absolutely love the way Chris Larsen manages to get his vision across. Ripple's vision on the Internet of Value is so consistent, and you can read between the lines that they are anticipating on it through various steps ahead (and have been doing so for a long time already). It's probably why some fear Ripple, but they hold by far the best cards in this.

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18 hours ago, Amigo said:

It's probably why some fear Ripple, but they hold by far the best cards in this.

Yep, and they can't do anything to stop it either. The fear is palpable, to be honest. This is not to say that other platforms like OmiseGo and Stellar won't have a seat at the table. However, this Walt Disney fairytale many of their supporters are living in declaring Stellar/OmiseGo as the future standard bridge asset for global payments is nothing more than a cruel illusory mirage.

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