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5 minutes ago, Graine said:

Do you guys have a forum for translators of given language pair? There are some terms that might require discussion. 
P.S. If you need help with Russian and Ukrainian, I'll be glad to partake. 



Russian is almost finished, if you could help it would be great.

Do you want me to add Ukrainian?

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I've started adding some Dutch translations and probably do more as soon as possible.
Others feel free to review my additions / edit them or add.

I try to be as accurate as possible and matching the style of other translations that already existed but reviewing my additions is always good :) I'm not a professional

With some things like 'Welkom bij {{productName}}, een global value exchange', I have to make a choice whether I should translate the 'global value exchange' as well.
Personally I think it creates confusion to literally translate that, but if another Dutch translator thinks there is a good Dutch translation for it; go ahead.

For Dutch translators: use the formal style, speak with 'u' instead of 'je' :P

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14 minutes ago, AngryJack said:

Hi, I can translate into Afrikaans if needed. As i am sure people in South Africa will also use it. We do have banks in Africa you know. :P

I just added Afrikaans to the project, good luck and thank you.

Can you PM your email so I can invite you to the project?

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