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how much did you invest?

how much did you invest in XRP?  

222 members have voted

  1. 1. how much did you invest in XRP?

    • less than 500$
    • 500$ - 1000$
    • 1000$ - 5000$
    • 5000$ - 10000$
    • more than 10k

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I woke up today hoping some random Internet stranger, would inquire into my private investing information.  And lo, a new account with one post made my dreams come true!  Oh Happy Day!  So, are you going to sell this information, or just target people yourself?
Just curious. [emoji4]
Exactly why I responded as I did :)

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Well I spent a few k's on zerps......then one day I saw the price under .60 and pages and pages of bg123 and tinfoiled hats and I blacked out. I woke up a few days later with an addition charge on my bank account, tinfoil hat club disbanded, 20 different charts on my computer, pictures on my wall with strings attached in spiderweb fashion and the word HODL written many times on my wall in red ink. If you ask me I think something big might be happening soon.   

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