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An XRP ICO? It's Happening Whether Ripple Likes It or Not

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https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-ico-happening-whether-ripple-likes-not/ I still think this could potentially benefit XRP holders and Ripple as a whole.  

That leaves you as the person...

It says that 5% of the tokens will be sent directly to XRP holders. Can someone explain how this works? If my XRP is currently stored on a Ledger wallet would I still be able to receive? I am not sayi

Agree that it's not really an ICO, but on the contrary the title sums up the potential headache for Ripple in a nice way.

RCL could be hijacked (congestion).

But that what will separate the wheat from the chaff: the Internet of Value must be able to accommodate all sorts of players.

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2 hours ago, panmores said:

Agree that it's not really an ICO

Yes, issuing ALV IOUs on the ripple network isn't really any different from issuing USD or EUR or JPY IOUs on the ripple network, which is what ripple gateways do all the time.

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