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Lawson Baker: XRP is a security. Ripple is the issuer.


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26 minutes ago, Sebastian said:

The only part of the Bloomberg story that surprised me was the fact Ripple offered a $100 million loan for Coinbase to integrate XRP.  I would have expected Ripple to offer $100 million of XRP as a payment (not a loan).

In fact, back in October 2017 (seems so long ago), I said as much.  Hopefully, the negotiations with Coinbase are not over.  Getting listed would still probably bring a good amount of liquidity.


I guess they felt the loan offer would ensure clear incentive for Coinbase to go above and beyond with marketing on their end as they would stand to gain a significant amount of value from the deal if the value of XRP increased from the listing.  Interesting way to tie marketing into an offer IMHO.


Also I agree that a CB deal in the long run is a good thing for Ripple and XRP.  Any way to add access points to bring liquidity into the XRP and the Ripple ecosystem is a huge win over time.  It's certainly not the unicorn deal that some folks make it out to be though.  In the end it will be just another exchange by the end of 2018.

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2 hours ago, TiffanyHayden said:

I am baffled why any of this is a surprise to people. I made a few comments on Twitter. It's easier just to copy and paste them. I hope you don't mind. 


From January:



I can't say that I begrudge Coinbase for any of their decisions. They are looking out for their best interest, which is what businesses do. It's more disappointing that we as a community have let Coinbase get this large. Why haven't others stepped up to the plate? 


Thanks @TiffanyHayden  for coinbase if they are after half of Ripple company and arm and leg we can bargain them down to middle finger.

Crypto world existed before Gemini and Coinbase and will exist after as well but we do need lots of exchanges to counter them as regardless of their arrogance their size matters atleast at the moment. Just wondering why is xrp is not on edge secure yet Tiff..????

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I have no idea who he is or why anyone would care but this is the most defined piece of Fudtroll bait ever. All the known trolls (Leising, Shin, Gronnebaek - they're all there) coming out of the woodwork to drink at the troll fountain. His Twitter profile has become a shopping list of people with an agenda, almost all declaring their allegence to Bitcoin in their profile - starting with him.

A nobody who acts for a competitor bases his verbal diarrhoea on an article with no sources that was written by well established Ripple haters.

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