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jatchili-minimalist-client is broken


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This is just a heads up for those with cold wallets looking to move your xrp to an online account.  A web search will return the jatchili-minimalist-client.  DO NOT USE this program.  It was written 2 years ago and is broken.  It will correctly show the info on the account, but you will not be able to make any transactions or do anything to the account.  The only function that will do anything is the "Rekey" account button.  If you click this, your xrp will be gone forever.  Your master key will be disabled, and you will not get the correct new secret key.


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I regularly use @jatchili's minimalist client and it works well in my experience. (Also, the client is well more than 2 years old.) Which browser are you using to run it?

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