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$1 million stash...what to do?

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lol are you just a little bummed you got banned from the boys club?

Do it now, it's going up. A buy order for 500k could start the rally...

Ignore this Regal Chicken character - he tried to fob off the most idiotic 'theory' about Chinese New Year that had the dimmer bulbs around here jumping up and down for weeks.  Also, he presides

cash is king. Get 500k - pay off your house, buy a nice classic car and pay off the eduction for your kids(if you have any) and most important spend some money on your partner (if you have one)

The rest I would put into XRP, XVG and stellar

Of course this is only my opinion and not investment recommendation (Out of jail card)

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If you're asking questions here you should probably go read some financial advice and educate yourself.

There's a lot to read but if you're not bothered John Goodman largely covers it in the clip above.

Personally I would follow his advice and establish your base:

1. Pay off house and do any improvements.

2. Buy indestructible Japanese shitbox car.

3. Put a substantial sum into an index-tracker (VTSAX maybe? Or whatever's appropriate). Earn 4-5% - hopefully enough to live off and still have a little extra. Maybe not, in which case get back to work. Maybe think about ways to smooth volatility. Don't blink when it dips, leave it alone.

Keep 5% of your total net worth for high-risk crypto-land and start again. I'd do 80% XRP, 20% BTC. Would not touch LTC with a rented pole.

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13 hours ago, Zedy44 said:

Hah...yeah I was sitting here scratching my head with the same thought.  If you road BTC up from 2011 on $50k initial investment you should be sitting on a stupid amount of money.  Even at early 2012 prices your talking $5/BTC.  So 10,000 x $7300 as of today price = $73 million.  If you bought early 2011 your talking maybe $.50/BTC.  That becomes 100,000 x $7300 = $730 million.

Either way...it's your money and I absolutely would not take advice from anyone on the internet on how to handle it.  Go seek out a tax specialist and an investment firm and figure out your options based on your needs and wants.

After i replied i started thinking what the maths would be with 2011 prices. Thanks for this.

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