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Excellent Reddit post re The bright future for Ripple and XRP

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11 hours ago, TheXRPNinja said:

I was just "arguing" with a TRON shiller calling XRP "a wrong coin", "overhyped" and most of all "no actual use case". 

Sent him this post some minutes ago, he immediately shut up. Oh the hypocrisy.

Ha ha love it  @TheXRPNinja very well done. Hard to argue these points.

But the banks won’t use it lol

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11 hours ago, XRPisthefuture said:

Love this summary. In my opinion it is just a matter of time.

I personally think that XRP may not go up to thousands but a few hundreds look possible to me.

That’s an argument I would love to be having one day.

XRP price $450: XRP investor 1 - “XRP will never get to $1,000”. XRP investor 2 “Yes it will”.

Either way we all win 

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