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Haha where are the hodlers now

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On 12/24/2020 at 3:40 AM, Sceptic said:

I wonder if you're all still holding Haha 

Yeah i'm still holding mine.  I haven't bought more, or sold any, and don't plan too until I hit my 2029 date.  It was always a moonshot bet, and if my holding is anything less than like $5K, i'll just leave it there until i die probably lol.  I'm an old school barbell investor.  95% of what i invest is in index funds (or bonds if i think rates will go down), and the other 5% is random moonshot ideas like XRP was when i got in.

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Lol. I'll hold, thanks. 

OMG - Thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your thoughts. I was hodling like a right idiot, then I saw your post, by you, so well informed and rich. So rich, you have the time to just trol

Just fyi, everyone who said to sell was right. Doesn't matter, still hodling. The risk of missing the spike outweighs the loss of prolonged bear market to me even now. Xrp is either gonna buy me a hou

I’m still holding.  The money I put into DCA over the past 3 years is money I could afford to lose and that hasn’t changed.  I never really looked at XRP as an investment but rather a fun gamble.  I don’t see this set of events as the beginning of the end but if it is, I already lost that money.  Seems many here actually invested and have more in XRP than was ever advisable, hence the emotion...and I get that.

in the meantime, I’m staying chill while this all plays out.

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