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Haha where are the hodlers now

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Lol. I'll hold, thanks. 

OMG - Thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your thoughts. I was hodling like a right idiot, then I saw your post, by you, so well informed and rich. So rich, you have the time to just trol

Just fyi, everyone who said to sell was right. Doesn't matter, still hodling. The risk of missing the spike outweighs the loss of prolonged bear market to me even now. Xrp is either gonna buy me a hou

Daily dose of hopium "V fluid flavor" [{.}]

1. BTC monthly candle today hit a high of $19,109, highly likely will pass 20k by this month.

2. BTC current monthly candle already surpassed ATH (from candle close perspective) if we hold the gains, pic below.

3. I have to shrink the XRPUSD chart to be able to see it properly, the pump already exceeded my computer screen height.

4. XRP got flash dips here and there, and got bought up real quick.

5. Various crypto reddit also talking about buying XRP, the FOMO already spilled to everywhere.



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So... Another day... Another 20 percent drop in xrp (lol). I actually feel bad as many of you lost all your savings to enrich some guys you don't know. 


Xrp was never a superior coin. You were deluded then and are now. It's a ponzi scheme which operates similarly to the opacity that of a central bank.. That's why xrp is reviled. Meanwhile it's creators reward their loyal and zealot patrons (you) by unloading hundreds of millions of it AND THEN DIVESTING INTO BTC LIKE I ADVISED YEARS AGO

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