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In this latest blog, the topics include Ripple's xRapid marketing strategy, a panel where Marjan Delatinne is scheduled to discuss PSD2, and SWIFT's embarrassing announcement about its failed POC with

You are incorrect on both points in my opinion.  It's not the 3 second window that he's referring to when he talks about the benefits of increased liquidity.  It's the overall rates you get on th

Maybe it's my writing style? What bothers me is that I mention volatility is a concern for banks, especially as it relates to liquidity, but repeatedly xrpchat turns out to say "you're dead wrong

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Well that was a loaded blog post.  So much good news.  The SMS text stuff is a lot bigger than people think.  Most of the undeveloped world relies on cellphones today and many don't have access to traditional banks.  XRP might be able to soak up some of the "bank the unbanked" initiatives that other solutions are targeting *cough* stellar *cough*. 

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Certainly, as a holder, I am enthused once again by the content of your blog, and I also absolutely admire your writing style and command of the essay form. I surmise you had a outstanding high school language arts teacher who instilled the foundations of writing which you have used to build your impressive style and command.  Regards

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29 minutes ago, D_B_Cooper said:

I did a quick speed read - incredible amount of information that needs closer attention later.

Hodor, what is your reaction to Ripple's incredibly generous donation to Donorschoose.org?

I think it is a PR home run and will be an incredible thing for those teachers and kids.

This was news to me this morning - I didn't end up including in the blog. 

I think this is fantastic news - and great publicity for XRP and Ripple!  We need to keep getting the word out to mainstream investors, and this is definitely one step along that road.  :yes3:

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23 minutes ago, XRPHdlr said:

Great stuff as always! Man..I remember the days when people could smoke in planes...that was insane..:big_boss:

I totally resisted putting in Airplane! The Movie references.  God I wanted to. 

In addition to the great comedy, it shows how things really have changed - like smoking.  I remember that some airlines actually left the ashtrays in the planes for a while after the smoking ban, and I remember seeing the "no smoking" lights for a while too.  Eventually all these items were removed - now it's probably a bad thing to see those - you know the aircraft has to be old if it still shows those smoking items. 


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