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Let's pledge to not put our hard-earned money in scammy exchanges ever.


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Hello everyone,

All members of the SHUFFLUP team are traders and long-time crypto enthusiasts. All of us had our money stuck in several exchanges for several months in the past. Most of the times we were lucky and got our money back but rest it was hard luck. The reasons for such incidents were diverse, some of the times the crypto transfer was delayed due to technical errors on part of the exchange or we had sent crypto to a frozen exchange wallet. Many of us lost funds to scam exchanges in the past which use many tricks to loot money from us. Yet we see these exchanges doing good business till today.

We have identified that the main reason for it is that people are complaining that there is dearth of information as to which exchanges are worth dealing with. User feedbacks are scattered here and there in different crypto forums and there is not a single one-stop platform which dedicates itself to containing the feedbacks of users about the different exchanges in which they are trading. Often traders choose an exchange to trade but later their chosen exchanges turn out to steal money from them or have no proper customer support or trade scam coins.

On top of it, almost all of the exchanges do not provide an API to understand which of the wallets/markets are frozen at a certain time or whether they have halted any withdrawal for any coin/token or whether they are going through any maintenance. Even some of the exchanges take exorbitant amount of withdrawal and deposit fees and there is no way we can understand what is going on with an exchange, realtime.

Hence we have dedicated a platform where you will be able to upvote/downvote or cast a neutral vote on the exchanges in which you trade and also comment on the reason for your vote. Our platform also contains a unique DB of more than 300 reviews gathered from different crypto forums and we currently support 126 exchanges, ranked according to the maximum number of upvotes. We are still working on it and the Review database is nowhere close to perfection. Hence we are asking for your help, please vent all your grudges using this tool and if you are satisfied with any of the exchanges do mention it as well.

To make it as reliable as possible we have added two small requirements to review an exchange

 1. you have to register with us.

 2. you have to add one of your crypto social profiles(bitcointalk.org / cryptocompare/ xrp chat).

We have listed 126 exchanges to review for all of you. Also please if you encounter any technical glitch or a frozen wallet or an under maintenance exchange or withdrawal problem with any exchange we request you to report it realtime.

If you ask us "why should I provide these information?" - Then our answer would be that we should always fight together against these exchanges as these are our hard earned money. If we help others by giving information then others will also do the same.

Please share all your trading experiences in different exchanges with us and we request you to share this page in your social media(bitcointalk.org / cryptocompare/ xrp chat) and with your friends. In the meantime we will enhance the database by jotting down all the scattered reviews from all over the internet.

 Let's make this a movement so that none of us have to lose our money to these scammy exchanges again!

The link to ranking page - https://www.shufflup.org/exchanges_feedback.php

The link to a particular exchange review - https://www.shufflup.org/feedback_public.php?exchng=Binance

Our platform is under active development and we will add functionality based on your requirement. Please leave us suggestions/feedback and queries we will add that functionality as early as possible.






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6 hours ago, pucksterpete said:

social profiles......hmmmmmm......:nea:


Thank you for your reply. By social profile we meant "bitcointalk.org / cryptocompare/ xrp chat" profiles. We understand in crypto privacy is the main thing and we would never want to violate that. Our apologies that we didn't mention it in our post. We thought this is the only way to filter out spam reviews. If you can give any other solution on how to filter out spam reviews please share with us. Also if you feel we shouldn't ask for these social profiles please mention it in this thread. 

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