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Do Banks really use XRP or are they using other Ripples services?


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Ok so all of Ripple’s management team have been saying contradicting stuff on many YouTube videos out there. I want to know the answer to this question. 


Do banks use XRP, or do they only use other services such as xRapid and xCurrent?


if banks aren’t using XRP, why would the price rise at all? (Unless the crypto community approves of a centralised coin of course) 


will it rise because of the fact that Ripple as a company is performing well in the market? Are all your services linked to one another? Or are they completely separate elements aimed at two entirely different consumer groups?

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Everything works together.
Banks use xcurrent and xvia( which can use XRP)
Payment providers use Xrapid
Corporates use Xvia
and exchanges use XRP.

I don't exactly know how it works but i suppose if bank a needs to do a payment in a different currency to bank b. It sends a message to an Xrapid user over the ripplenet, buys XRP, sends it to a payment provider closests to bank B, exchanges it for fiat and sends it to bank b.

Not one of the two banks uses Xrapid, but the payment provider does. That's why Western Union and Moneygram partnership was so huge. Call it landing on the moon with these two.
All they need to do now is add more Xcurrent users. Game over, if you ask me. Ripple won.

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No one ever said it will rise. XRapid uses XRP. Ripple’s other products do not (directly)

The price of XRP will rise and fall based on speculation, manipulation, and frustration or exhuberarion.

On the other hand, It’s value will only go up with usage through adoption. This takes longer, which is why we hold.

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