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We should always spread our investment! That is why I have: 30% XRP 25% XRP 20% XRP 10% XRP 8% XRP 7% XRP  

Great post.  This is exactly my sentiment.  Only a black swan event that has to occur specifically to Ripple and happen very soon - only THAT will stop XRP getting past $1.20.  Am I all in? I am.

Hands up if you believe with out a shadow of a doubt, that xrp won't be at least double what it is today. E.g. $1.30 Let alone $10, $50 , $100 If you believe and have your hands up, are

4 hours ago, BluKoo said:

I sold my ETH the other week and bought more XRP, so crypto wise i am 100% all in on XRP.

Investment wise, crypto is less than 5% of my total investments.

I will most likely be converting more £ to XRP in the future.

I am still holding some ETH but considering if I want to draw down a little and put more in XRP. The ETH chart does not look very bullish at all right now. I still think ETH/BTC while break the ATH at some point, but I think ETH could be in a REALLY long correction right now. Talking well into next year. XRP/USD looks much healthier in comparison. 

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9 hours ago, richxrp said:

I hope you're joking .. and unless you have another house.. it might be wise not to invest more than you can afford to lose..There is no such thing as a sure thing in life..

I was only joking ,a very lame joke that is not intended to influence anyone on here ..:)

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All in XRP now after starting crypto  in November 2017 with ETH & LTC but switched all to XRP during December after learning about the possibilities. 

Got about 25% in escrow until summer 2019 and about 50% in escrow until winter 2020... just to keep any temptation at bay :)

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