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3 Big Problems Ripple Investors can no Longer Ignore


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22 hours ago, rootvegetable said:

Every digital currency has the exact same problem. No one has to use it.

Every carton of milk has the exact same problem. No one has to drink it. We do however observe that when people are given the opportunity to drink milk or to not drink milk, some choose to drink milk, without being forced to. This is because they have the expectation, ex ante, that the state of their world will be improved by drinking milk. They may be mistaken in this belief, but this expectation is what causes milk to be drunk.

Back to digital currencies, and this applies to all of them. To the extent that people expect the state of their world to improve by using a specific digital currency, they will, if they don't they won't.

This is excellent. When given the option FIs will, ex post (that is after seeing the results of XRapid trials), use it.

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