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Trying to withdraw REP from Gatehub hosted wallet or Ripple wallet, It's not working?


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Hello guys,

I'm trying to withdraw REP tokens from my Gatehub to Poloniex but it seems that I only can send stuff to a Ripple address. I have read all there is to read and I've tried to do it from a hosted wallet but I can't figure out how to withdraw REP or ETH or BTC from Gatehub to an external wallet...

Thanks in advance
Daan Franssen

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Hi Daan,

GateHub Fifth here. We weren't able to launch REP withdrawals and deposits yet because of the unfortunate timing of the attack on the Ethereum network yesterday:


You can expect REP deposits and withdrawals to be enabled at GateHub within hours. You'll be able to send and receive REP using the REP tab in the Send/Withdraw and Deposit/Receive windows.

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