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Avocado Tree Time Machine


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Found this fascinating fact about avocados on https://www.californiaavocado.com/


Avocado flowering patterns fall into two groups: "A" type and "B" type flowers. A-type flowers open female in the morning and male in the afternoon, B-type are male in the morning and female in the afternoon.


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Avocado Seed update

With a little over 250 weeks left, the Avocado Tree Time Machine is making some nice progress.

The picture below shows the seed upside down (the portion which sits in the water).

Notice the large crack and the bump forming in the middle (black arrow pointing at it). I believe this is the hypocotyl. Over the next several weeks, the root will start to protrude from the crack. It will grow longer and longer and a month or so later, the stem will pop out of the top of the seed.


You might be wondering, "If the seed has a crack, wont the seed split through and fall into the water :JC_thinking:

Nope. The seed doesnt split all the way in half. You can keep the seed in water (suspended with toothpicks) for pretty much all time.

Everyone in here should plant an Avocado Tree Time Machine (ATTM). Once the countdown reaches zero, you're either going to be super rich with an avocado tree, or simply have a nice tree.

Git to work:big_boss:

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