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Avocado Tree Time Machine

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18 minutes ago, Flintstone said:

Poor mans oak :) 

The front yard has a nice bur oak that I planted in early '17.  That one, however, would grow so slowly that it would be depressing to post annual updates.  Hopefully the faster-growing planetree is a better metaphor for XRP over the next few years!

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March 21, 2018.. The Tree is born..




243 days later, through the ups and downs of XRP..


Very special thanks to @Flintstone for giving the tip of pinching off the stem. I pinched it several times actually which led to a massive 'V' split up top with tons of leaves. There are several more leaves sprouting as of today!

The tree allows you to have a visual representation of your patience and endurance during the ups and downs of your XRP investment.

Lets see your photo updates!

..have you grown your Avocado Tree Time Machine yet?:JC_thinking:

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