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Any thoughts on Waves?

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Seems like Waves is gaining more attention recently. I’m a coder, so I naturally look at developer activity first and so far it is one of the top platforms in this aspect (https://github.com/wavesplatform, https://github.com/PyWaves) which is pretty impressive. Their 2018 roadmap is also looking great and it is overall faster and easier to launch a token on than Ethereum: https://hackernoon.com/waves-waves-your-blockchain-token-in-one-minute-9733dfef98c8. I think Waves is already a big competitor to Ethereum and will be even more so when their turing complete smart contracts are done (end of 2018). It am currently loading up on Waves as I believe it will do at least a 10x this year.

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On 3/29/2018 at 7:40 AM, XRPHornets said:

I looked at this a while ago .


I keep hearing that STO ( security token offerings) are going to be huge this year. Do you think WAVES will be positively affected by this ?

Yes, I believe after Ethereum it will be the second largest used platform for ICOs since it is one of the simplest and fastest platforms to launch tokens and just as NEO was positively impacted after ICOs were launched on it, I think it will be the same for Waves.

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