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A chart of aggregate XRP holdings by the BearWhale

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Interesting, a few of the accounts I've identified have payments with tag 16251624.

Account: r4FZaGzZcrJ3D8CJpd6d2qrnT4jWX4hJND
    0363CCAC5EB51758486F056D13CD2CFF946E8F670F86B04268480515FA58A591: Tag 16251624
    526616859A1BC1007A16ACD2521C4A0231CFEAE795F77E2BFCBF0D0753DCF9FD: Tag 16251624
    541E33331FEA7747FCD0A31FD05B840C5E0B7B01DFC8C90DA30D29389E29D2C8: Tag 16251624
Account: raTR4W6epXbdBBqDGTUHFtmbfjD3EUY9pA
    D5A07C2F9781956484A01020CF290C9B30C44A2B53498AD5198BCCE6DEF22A9B: Tag 16251624
Account: rnSehF4jwFeXk6rHFecAztZKL8YHZKHweH
    ED28AAC6C37A2613531FFA4DB5FFAA500C8ED85DA3E940100AD7EC26D46B37E8: Tag 16251624
    010EC9CA2D3DFA4B676288BA829DAD0A79B52FB9C101B22ABD530E2A4DDB8569: Tag 16251624
    68EB7CF3560A93388C280CB0D9C22D6C5EEBD09DF3F67D2E9ED628EF0BF2065D: Tag 16251624
    C1C6E207EA326EFEA223F597B96FA11549851553686D35AC350AFBE0AF49F665: Tag 16251624
Account: rGGsPjpiVLTbciqWB4scPVYCCRunrBR14W
    A7E4BBF92B7C1BB87484286C09DFD1DC4E60A0E0A5E547C232D474723D68A2E2: Tag 16251624
Account: r3BJrkuAGQMdaoSw4TMizeSYZoLM5kvEGj
    CB3960E85C6E6AFE2259E9E0D0C72ED1B9943B7DC927E297E40E9ACA0FF49EEA: Tag 16251624
Account: rP6rKjsN3Vkz4iBMSrrk7Z9ZQgq9wPRde1
    0E54FF840ADF4BBCA61A7A39CDC242B3E2E91FF1161003DCDD41A0C10378ED21: Tag 16251624
    E48946D99120715685326DD33AC755F983CF1B86174AF399ACFF0145DC6D4302: Tag 16251624
Account: rhgDjABsRpngQSfPZsfxSEo5Lg8Vv8XYfk
    03E8D77B606AC651FD6DB62DFA83D587C1E4E79D8C3A394408209CDF81D126B0: Tag 16251624
    305F8821156FC23210E0561C99F99BFC1AE2CA95CE48623B1EBD173F2C2B5915: Tag 16251624
Account: rGLU15RW13dwTnbQyLC21b56RkW83oFb49
    2CAC476839D3C9108955F8919C4FFA48A1E3BE42EAADF7092FD9134D3F46933B: Tag 16251624
    F31C933E1CC51AFE868E9A7D36DBD9DB3BAE72E5D9442DFC6AAA208D89B4E612: Tag 16251624
Account: rB2ZJ1DDvFNXRxEGXcmKbuPwezvfCbCiHM
    1D4C75043F3E58925DFEC16CD9D8EF1BE05B8E63D1E223B6F2A9E3F826B58811: Tag 16251624
    319C51D045DE40AD3BC86CD11D0306F5BEC5CACE1DD932C123DB201F78102CBF: Tag 16251624
Account: rskcAQhZie8mB39FHuJuk1ZmBaF6RYZYNV
    45F90F6C93525980165CCAAC9FA583091C296E9FD7331591865D69313CB84D9B: Tag 16251624
    C9409EBA4B79B84D5FED1A44ACE431FA78ED10060A6AE6563C943A6CB5029E70: Tag 16251624
    614B1E1DD9ECCC0586FAFD79520C7B7F364D5B4CFB8015B32CAAC0AC38C79FCB: Tag 16251624
    CDA3ADDD6B7A64D4813CF9BD7322DC688F8C0D5E2CBEA3DEEA4214BBC2CB86D8: Tag 16251624
    845B81B117BD76DF5F4F29490B461192DDB3657EF03CCDE22EA2F25C297FEB22: Tag 16251624
Account: rPBk8rMKcNUt43jTZbNqRqdyWfk1R44Qqo
    49F14529669116D8C1EA7A886361F15D59EB641D5AD7704A3AC627CDF6BD9697: Tag 16251624
    8722E1EA4208A36F4F6F15EFEF3AADF8A4D320D2DD0A1DB3087B4F1B3E8341D7: Tag 16251624
    17083703F3B0A60CCE7758AC605509CB4CF25C960E7DC66E0CD4B81B1845B62C: Tag 16251624
Account: rQJteJeKc3v7Vf3JZyYMaS9KMSAhmRzxDD
    766587F14F2CEEC25699D6AD6EB0B99B7F87800FE106BFE139B62C1D7EADAE48: Tag 16251624
    52DD8F77D41216B2594C3EC1D44A627BE24A0B5C032694E9B7AE7117EC4055A7: Tag 16251624
    AEB78D613AE928CD2482A460B7AF8881EFA5AC0A85F022FFA0F8DACAB3E9FE13: Tag 16251624
    FA56BE6AA188CB56396A6270F0004D463228FD1CB20AF42F5D8F565DEB5E9D10: Tag 16251624
    FA6193ABA07D34E071D219AA0279B8767DF8B561E7CB6808F964686A46D74DF2: Tag 16251624
    4356207F136AC3AA0312C6331D0B0BB636760D8828B1D1005DC777BA55375D10: Tag 16251624
    8EC2752D4105C5BD61FA9416ACB4A13D4292E12B1D61BBD9FA9FB688127F4A54: Tag 16251624
    69810AB1F861FDA92D7027541AB65C862CA52D753D9BDDAF74F3587370DF2DC1: Tag 16251624
    56C2CBF0EFF36BA0D37B7C7DB148DA3A0200F508E0956D60F56CACBC93CB55EC: Tag 16251624

If we add rQJteJeKc3v7Vf3JZyYMaS9KMSAhmRzxDD to the list of tracked accounts, we get this chart.

On the other hand, we may have just added a reserve account belonging to a market maker, i.e. two separate entities. I don't know.



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Just cause I'm bored and I already had almost all the code I needed to generate it, here's a chart of the XRP held by the collection of accounts known as the BearWhale, originating at address raZt9CZH

Actually my thoughts exactly! Chris Larsen supposedly donated 7bn XRP to RippleWorks   1) Address that activated BW account: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rwSy4ZmW1hvpziYyeVQ35yhMTY

Update on 8/13: rH5AgjpTd6fNhTTA4ATnSpznAzsS94JjKh - 14.5M rLTsSbzhrr1MAXSWpzFBtS2bi4dFb6bpWL - 2.5M rMwhLJ8VvvZq2PsfC9PBigZY5UWDj5jpHr - 50M rJfoXNyaaWAiag3R7t9oa3UqyRa663qTrc -

Posted Images

20 hours ago, corak said:

OK, why would an MM constantly need to refill their XRP stock like that? In normal operation, market making should be neutral on the two assets being exchanged. i.e. on average they will end each day with roughly the same amount of XRP as they started with.

If MMs are skewed heavily towards selling it's because someone else has given them XRP to sell, or they want to intentionally dump their own reserve -  which might be exactly what's happening here. It's just that the originating wallet belongs to someone that was paid by X.FortKnox.6. Could the "MM" itself be the same party that originally obtained these 1.08B and now wants to get rid of it? I suppose so. Then the MM is the BearWhale.

TL;DR It's still an early stakeholder, whether they also function as an MM today or not. If not, the stakeholder may have contracted an MM to dump it into the market on his/her behalf.

In the absence of more data, I'd probably go with its not being a MMer.  However, if it were a MMer:

1) We may only be seeing one side of the operation.
2) MM is easy to think about, but hard to do (profitably).  Its likely anyone starting up a serious MMing operation may choose to scale into it.
3) Obfuscating MM activity is one of the key aspects toward making it profitable.

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2 minutes ago, corak said:

All movement has stopped since last update AFAIK

BearWhale doesn't usually dump into low volume


On 3/24/2018 at 9:25 PM, xrp_Tokas said:

Someone please shed some light on this @corak

This is one of the four new accounts of bear whale  "rLqQA5B4UTxCkjjLYDMSJprycuWh6iyqPr" (This one has 50 mill still left)

After just researching, starting from above account, this account was sent 350 mill a month ago from another address, see below.


 sent 350 mill one month ago from-


sent 1 billion 3 month ago from-


sent 1billion 2 years ago from


sent 6.6 billion 4 years ago from-


sent 3.5 billion 5 years ago from-


This is where trail gets cold. No transfers to show in or out in this account. How is that possible? 

If someone knows, please let me know.


Just found new account with 80 billion outgoing transactions 5 Years ago, nill incoming, Has to be ripple's right?



r8TR1AeB1RDQFabM6i8UoFsRF5basqoHJ . After some searching, got to know that I am not the first one to track this and according to fellow zerpers and older posts, this is indeed  ripple lab's account. 

So, this means ultimately the bear whale's account is owned by ripple/someone close to ripple. And since they are dumping it regularly into exchanges, this can only mean one thing.(?)


Any opinion on this post?  Thx

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3 minutes ago, XRPisVELOCITY said:


Any opinion on this post?  Thx

Nickname: X.FortKnox.6

Activated by: X.Distributor.1

Those X. accounts you can think of as Genesis nodes. Likely they received their XRP before ledger 32580 (TX history is missing before this ledger index). To the best of my knowledge, they are all owned by Ripple.

I am not 100% certain about that. It could be a founder's stash. I didn't study the 32580 ledger enough to know.

Past that point, Ripple likely paid their investors (and direct large scale XRP buyers) directly from these accounts

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