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A chart of aggregate XRP holdings by the BearWhale

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Just cause I'm bored and I already had almost all the code I needed to generate it, here's a chart of the XRP held by the collection of accounts known as the BearWhale, originating at address raZt9CZH

Actually my thoughts exactly! Chris Larsen supposedly donated 7bn XRP to RippleWorks   1) Address that activated BW account: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rwSy4ZmW1hvpziYyeVQ35yhMTY

Update on 8/13: rH5AgjpTd6fNhTTA4ATnSpznAzsS94JjKh - 14.5M rLTsSbzhrr1MAXSWpzFBtS2bi4dFb6bpWL - 2.5M rMwhLJ8VvvZq2PsfC9PBigZY5UWDj5jpHr - 50M rJfoXNyaaWAiag3R7t9oa3UqyRa663qTrc -

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9 hours ago, iLeeT said:

I can't imagine he keeps most of his XRP on an exchange though. Sure, maybe the last few millions he's got - yes, but everything else I'm pretty sure it's sold or at least converted to another crypto and withdrawn from the exchange.

I don't think he moved it around to another exchange, may be he/they did, but I can tell you this, every time we saw XRP leave those wallets to go to an exchange, the price dumped, maybe that was people reacting, but my guess is this person wasn't bluffing, when XRP left those wallets it was sold on the open exchanges.

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