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A chart of aggregate XRP holdings by the BearWhale

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Option 7*: "Okay, power it is." said the investor narrator, before he/she made the final call.

He/she was an early investor who provided a large cash injection to Ripple in return for a preferable exchange rate for a large amount of XRP circa 12-24 months ago.

Fast forward and they are now in a climate where their initial investment has matured greatly, causing them to consider whether or not the wealth could be used more effectively. Meanwhile, Davids are turning into Goliath in the crypto community and you have sloppy chaps like Coinbase leveraging their investors' wealth to buyout competition and woo regulators. (And they're doing it quickly & effectively, too.)

Although a continued spike in the value of XRP would provide a great wealth, withdrawing at this point and pivoting that investment into shareholder strength within rising crypto businesses could yield great wealth as well as power.

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*Technical correction: Also an expansion on Option 5.
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Just cause I'm bored and I already had almost all the code I needed to generate it, here's a chart of the XRP held by the collection of accounts known as the BearWhale, originating at address raZt9CZH

Actually my thoughts exactly! Chris Larsen supposedly donated 7bn XRP to RippleWorks   1) Address that activated BW account: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rwSy4ZmW1hvpziYyeVQ35yhMTY

Update on 8/13: rH5AgjpTd6fNhTTA4ATnSpznAzsS94JjKh - 14.5M rLTsSbzhrr1MAXSWpzFBtS2bi4dFb6bpWL - 2.5M rMwhLJ8VvvZq2PsfC9PBigZY5UWDj5jpHr - 50M rJfoXNyaaWAiag3R7t9oa3UqyRa663qTrc -

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1 hour ago, Hodlezerper said:

Also suggests they may not be totally evil...

I don't know why should anyone consider them evil.. sure, maybe they got lucky to be that early, but also they took a risk and had a vision as to how this space would evolve. The only thing I'd hate them for is when they team up with other whales and try to act together and manipulate the market.. but then again, the market is not really properly regulated and usually the rich want to get richer anyway.. :) Usually these guys have a lot of insider info and connections to other whales so if I knew this guy's addresses and how he started dumping in January I would have done the same. But it is what it is, eh.

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19 minutes ago, CrypToe said:

I really can't make much sense of this.

Some early investor accumulates 1 billion xrp and decides to start cashing out beginning 2018?

Why now when the vision and roadmap is slowly starting to take shape?


If they are US-based maybe they are offsetting big losses in other investments by selling their XRP at a profit even in the bear market. Who knows.

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