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2018: XRP Ledger’s Year of Decentralization Ripple has indicated that 2018 is the "Year of XRP Decentralization."  In my latest blog, I talk about the history of decentralization, how it's measur

There's a reason we're not incentivizing people to run validators. An incentive is a way to encourage people to take certain behaviors. Which behaviors? Well, the ones you're incentivizing, of course!

Ripple plans to propose Cobalt as an amendment to the network, upon which the validators will vote if they want it or not. We haven't really been keeping this a secret. Why would a Ripple employee wri

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Ah just what I needed to get through the last part of Friday. :d_book:


Note that this criticism tends to be stated as a Boolean value (yes or no) by XRP critics, 6 while other cryptography experts and academics opt for measuring decentralization on a continuum (i.e. how much is it decentralized or decentralized), and along multiple vectors like centralization of exchanges and ownership.7 To get at the true nature of what is real and what is hyperbole, we have to start at the beginning: Bitcoin.

I think you meant to say 'decentralized or centralized'.

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21 minutes ago, XRPisVELOCITY said:


I can see Brad, with a smile on his face, asking the team if they've read Hodors blog today.  Great job!

Question though.  I've seen Dr T mention something about there being approximately 335 validators, while you mention 70.  Confused about that part.


Thanks for reading; keep in mind with that statement I preface it with this:

"In October of 2017, they published more information about the decentralization plan."

You are correct though - they've added a LOT of new validators to the list.  And Ripple has also increased their own number.  I do not know the current count; I could go to XRPCharts and find today's number, but it's always increasing!  :yess:

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18 minutes ago, Benchmark said:

Ah just what I needed to get through the last part of Friday. :d_book:

I think you meant to say 'decentralized or centralized'.

Thank you for the correction! 

I swear writers are blind when they read their on writing! :P I proofread twice and still this one slipped through - much appreciated. 

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13 minutes ago, WhentheBoat_ComesIn said:

@Hodor, you say ripple is now about halfway through the Ledger's Decentralization and hopes to have it completed in 2018. I believe full decentralization equals mainstream Bank adoption, do you agree?


Not really.  Banks are not the ones criticizing Ripple in the press about this - it's the Bitcoin maximalists and crypto purists.  But when it gets publicity, Ripple's customers probably do a head-shake and make a mental note about "some sort of technical criticism of XRP" in their heads.  This is the only thing we have to worry about in terms of impact on Ripple's business marketing strategy. 

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