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Is Ripple centralized or decentralized?


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"Decentralised Virtual Currencies (a.k.a. crypto-currencies) are distributed13, open-source, math-based peer-to-peer virtual currencies that have no central administrating authority, and no central monitoring or oversight. Examples: Bitcoin; LiteCoin; and Ripple.14"

"14 Apart from the initial creation and issuance of ripple coins (RXP), Ripple operates as a decentralised virtual currency. Ripple’s founders created all 100 billion ripple coins and retained 20 billion of them, with the remainder to be distributed by a separate entity, Ripple Labs. However, all transactions are verified by a decentralised computer network, using Ripple’s open source protocol, and recorded in a shared ledger that is a constantly updated database of Ripple accounts and transactions."



           - Tripple Ripple -

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