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HELP! lost 1 character in my Private KEY


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Long story short, I lost 1 character in my private key. I have the remaining 28 characters. Im not sure which exact place is the lost character suppose to go so is there a program or script that could automate my guessing? if you guys have a script please help me and I could compensate with some ETH or XRP

I just need a program the will:

-guess a single character in my key in every possible placement in my private key so that I could transfer my XRP to my ledger



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Find out which characters are used in making up a key. Say 26 capitals 26 lower case and 10 numbers. That's 62.

I read something before about checking to see if a secret key is valid by typing it into a box in possibly gatehub, without the need for hitting enter.

That would take roughly 2 mins for each 62 and a maximum of an hour to go through your code.

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I created a little program that should do that for you. Just fill in the 28 characters where it says 'key' and run. Do you know how to run a node application?

'use strict'

const keypairs = require('ripple-keypairs')

let key = "snoBrXtMeMyMHUVTgbuqAfg1SUTb"
let chars = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"

function checkKey(_key) {
  try {
  } catch(err) {}

for (let posKey = 0; posKey <= key.length; posKey++) {
  for (let posChar = 0; posChar < chars.length; posChar++) { 
    checkKey(key.slice(0,posKey) + chars[posChar] + key.slice(posKey))


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Here is what I was referring too earlier.

I tested it out without having to import it and yes the generated secret key works. 

1. Click 'Add Wallet' on GateHub

2. 'Import' > Copy & Paste Your generated cold wallet address

3. Paste your generated secret key [DON'T HIT SUBMIT]

You will notice that the 'Submit' button only shows up if the correct secret key is entered. I changed a few letters & tried other generated keys and it would not work unless the right key was entered therefore i knew the system recognized the correct key and i'm satisfied with that.

I left a certain amount on Gatehub with standing sell orders at $50 & $100[set it & forget it] then moved the rest to this cold storage for even longer holding with detailed instructions for my wife/kids if anything were to happen to me.

My seat belt is buckled and i'm ready for the ride!

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