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Inspiration behind your Username ?

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Was a joke I played on a newbie salesman at a car dealership I used to work for.  I told him their was a customer named Barry McHockenue asking for him in the showroom and that he should page him over the loudspeaker.  You kinda have to read the name out loud a few times before it makes sense.

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Posted (edited)

My usual username is Enortimus on pretty much EVERYTHING.

So its origins began when I was watching one of my favorite movies of all time.. 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen'

(keep in mind I was PRETTY freakin' young ok?)

Well, in this movie.. One of the characters is like this cool, deep sea exploring, shipmarine captain guy..

(Like I said, I was reallly young)...

Well towards the middleish-endish part of the movie, they finally introduced this captain's.. sailing sub...diving shipmarine thing he guess what? Dives/sails in... Or,  sea fares in...and when he introduced the ship in the scene he said 'This is Artemis!..' and the the ship SPRUNG out from below the water and rose and rose WAAYY up in the air before settling as this huge tower of metal behind them... And I couldn't contain myself, I was in awe of how bad *** this captain and his shipmarine thingy was!..

Well I was without a doubt, no second through in my mind, completely 1000% convinced(and REMAINED convinced) for many years after seeing that seemingly memorable scene that it went...'This is ENORTIMUS!' then BAM it sprung out... My mistake... That single mistake...that lead to 1000's of incorrectly dubbed usernames and accounts over the course of years that by the time I was shamefully corrected it was too late...It would have taken me years more to change all those names.. So I did the proverbial 'look around to see if anyone saw' and like the cool cat i am, just strolled on like I meant to do it that way the whooolleeee time...

You guys are actually the FIRST people I've EVER told that story too, you should feel special! >.<

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